Smile with Invisalign Dentistry
Smile with Invisalign Dentistry

Smile with Invisalign Dentistry

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Medical Science is improving day by day. In medical science, dentistry world has an important role to play as teeth are the most essential part of our body. People face many issues related to teeth, but mostly people face the incorrect alignment of teeth for which they generally undergo through the braces treatment. But now a new procedure has been introduced in dentistry world which is known as Invisalign treatment. Some also call it clear aligner. Medical Science always tries to find out new ways to comfort their patients and Invisalign dentistry is one of them.

How does it work?

Two Stanford Business students Zia Chishti and Kelsey Wirth started the Align Technology in 1997, but their idea has been rejected repeatedly by many Universities. They have again started advertising their concept of align technology in 2000 through which they directly explain their products to the customer. Nowadays NYC Invisalign Dentist has become a very general way to treat your teeth issues.

To adjust in teeth which are in incorrect alignment, dentist use Invisalign which is an orthodontic device and transparent aligners is being used to adjust the teeth through the Invisalign treatment. A multinational medical device company, Align Technology has manufactured Invisalign, and it has headquartered in San Jose, California. It has been founded in 1997 and has got approval in 1998. It has generated the revenue of $140 million from 1997 to 2000. Most of the dentists from North America are trained on this treatment.

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Moulding person’s teeth are the vital part of this Invisalign treatment procedure following by the treatment plan which will be provided by the dentist. First and foremost thing, the dentist will explain the benefits of this treatment after examining the teeth. After doing this, they will provide the treatment plan as per the status of teeth so that your teeth can get treated with good care within given time. Invisalign treatment procedure has been customised by the aligners so that their patients can get the best. The dentist helps the patient in taking every step while doing the treatment from the very first day.

There are three components available in a dental implant. The single implant will be a short time treatment procedure; it takes not more than an hour, as far as the patient is comfortable. In this implant patient will be fine within a day through the multiple implants takes around three months to complete the procedure as it works for multiple crowns. Multiple implantations involves fusing with the surrounding bones to hold the place, attaching abutment which helps to fix the issues related to dental bridges whereas single implantation involves inserting the implant post directly into the jawbone to replace the tooth root artificially. This is the reason single implantation takes less time to complete.

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Why the Invisalign treatment is different from Normal Braces treatment

Both the treatments have been made for the betterment of the patient. In Invisalign treatment, the braces will be invisible and can be removed for cleaning purpose whereas in normal braces treatment the braces will be visible and can’t be removed. The normal braces are made of metal wires whereas the Invisalign is made of comfortable plastic material. Also, the Invisalign treatment costs more than the normal braces treatment. Consult NYC Invisalign Dentist today for best results.

Dil/Languages: Türkçe

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