Things to Do After Getting an MRI Scan
Things to Do After Getting an MRI Scan

Things to Do After Getting an MRI Scan

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Undergoing an MRI scan is a considerable achievement. Not everyone gets through the process successfully for many reasons. One of the most common problems is claustrophobia. You will be in an isolated room during the scan, and no one will be there with you. Nevertheless, if you get through it, you will have done a great job.

There are some things you have to do after the scan to stay safe.

Speak with your family members

You need them when you are about to take the test. They will be there to support you. In some cases, the technologist will give you earplugs that you can use to listen to your family. They can cheer you on until the process is over. Your family is essential after the process though. If you take sedatives because you can’t relax, they need to drive you home.

Going through the scan could also be psychologically disturbing. While you are inside, your thoughts will be all over the place. The worst part is that once the scan is over, you don’t know the results yet. It could be something terrible, or it could be a false alarm. While waiting, you need someone to speak with you and make you feel that everything will be fine.

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Patiently wait for the results

It could take 24-48 hours, or even more before the results are out. Your doctor will explain the results to you including the diagnosis made after analysing the results. You can only hope that things turn out well. However, you also must prepare for the possibility that you have a severe illness.

Talk to your health insurance provider

Speak with your health insurance provider to discuss how the coverage for certain illnesses if you go through medication later, and how much you would probably spend. You should prepare for this now rather than worry about it when you have an actual illness to concern you.

Go back to your usual activities

If you did not undergo sedation during the scan, you can take a few hours of rest and go back to your usual activities. You can also eat your regular diet. You don’t have to go through special dietary restrictions after the scan. Expect some chances though once the results are out, and your diagnosis is complete.

Listen carefully to the interpretation

You have to speak with your doctor to know the results, along with other details you should know. If you are asked to go through medication, you should know why. You must also ask if there are things you are supposed to do or avoid to prevent the worsening of the problem.

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